"Optimization, professionalism and transparency, are the fundamentals of our wealth management."

Serris Reim has taken on a clear focus and increasingly in-depth expertise in the asset management sector.

In addition to the strategic choices we have made in the course of our development, we believe that our human values, our commitment and the loyalty we show to our customers are key factors in the long-term success of our company.

We also make a point of sharing essential qualities in our work: rigor, agility, responsiveness and innovation.

In a company like ours, success is above all a team’s success, a combination of skills and motivation.

Younes Harakat – CEO

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Property Management

Property Management or "the components of controlled rental management

Asset Management

Asset Management or "the challenges of creating added value

Investment Management

Investment Management or "the challenges of creating added value


This complex mission varies according to the profile of each fund and investor, from medium-term mortgage financing to lease financing, mezzanine financing or bond financing.

Work with the right real estate advisor

Considerable resources are deployed in Belgium and in our European offices to help our global clientele acquire and dispose of business assets in Belgium.

Detailed monitoring

Through detailed monitoring of global capital flows and in-depth market research, we help domestic and international investors secure lucrative assets for their competitors, while helping to implement intelligent investment strategies that deliver solid financial returns.

National coverage

National coverage of all major and emerging market sectors.

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