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Property Management

Property Management or "The aspects of controlled rental management"
The main missions of Property Management
1. Management of contractual obligations with regard to leasing
2. Material and technical maintenance of buildings
3. Management of service and insurance costs and proactive dispute management
4. Modernization and optimization of energy efficiency in buildings
5. Supervision of regulations and their impact on assets
6. Strict management of rental arrears
1. Monitoring of the expense budget
2. Monitoring of the completion of maintenance and light renovation work
3. Development of a multi-year work plan
4. Monitoring of equipment maintenance / contracts
1. Monitoring of daily relations with tenants
2. Payment of rents
3. Establishment of charge budgets and charge regulation
4. Application of leases on R / NR charges

Asset Management

Asset Management or "The challenges of creating added value"
The main missions of Asset Management
1. Identify opportunities that match your strategy
2. Financial analysis
3. Financial package
4. Optimize the return on assets
5. Check compliance with regulations

Investment Management

Investment Management or "The challenges of creating added value"

Serris Reim offers investors its expertise in its various transactions to offer them an innovative and distinctive investment offer. With € 250 million today, Serris Reim has become a leading management company.


This complex mission varies depending on the profile of each fund and investor, ranging from medium-term mortgage financing to lease financing, or mezzanine or bond financing.
The main missions of Financing

• The definition of the methods of registration or composition of the vehicle

• The search for the most suitable co-financing for the operation

• The search for complex financing.